ZigBee Detectors

Advanced ZigBee Intrusion Detectors with loT Capabilities

The majority of home and business owners, according to polling, see smart home capabilities first as an extension of their safety. That’s why millions choose to use our advanced intrusion detection and safety devices as part of their smart home and business solution.

Our devices use advanced technologies and algorithms which result in superior performance, capabilities and protection. All developed and perfected over decades of research and development by a leading global intrusion team.

As your time is expensive, we have simplified the installation process to be fast and easy. Plus, our intrusion detection devices are also designed to deliver very long battery life and a user-friendly battery replacement process to keep maintenance at a minimum for additional savings.

ZigBee Detectors
ZigBee Wireless Magnetic Door/Window Sensor
ZigBee Long Range Wireless Magnetic Door/Window Sensor
ZigBee Wireless Two-Way Acoustic Glass-Break Detector
Coming Soon
ZigBee Long Range Wireless Pet Immune PIR Motion Detector
Coming Soon
ZigBee Extra Long Range Wireless Pet Immune PIR Motion Detector