Disc ET
Energy Management Ceiling Mount PIR Detector

Disc ET is a ceiling mount PIR specially designed for energy management systems requiring high sensitivity and reliability. One of the smallest ceiling-mount energy management detectors available, it provides exceptionally high sensitivity with 360° floor coverage over an area of up to 11m (35ft) diameter.

  • Form 1C relay output with activation time adjustment from 3 second to 20 minutes
  • 360° detection pattern with floor coverage of up to 10.8m (36ft)
  • Exceptionally high reliability
  • Power supply: 12 Volt DC or AC
  • One of the world's smallest ceiling-mount PIR detectors
  • Dimensions: 8.6cm (3.4in) diameter, 2.4cm (0.95in) depth
  • Easily installed in any ceiling up to 3.6m (12ft)
  • Durable miniature design blends seamlessly into any decor

Available only in selected regions. Not available in EMEA.

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