SRN-2000 ET
All-purpose Energy Management PIR Detector

SRN-2000 ET is an exceptionally flexible and reliable PIR detector, designed for energy management systems requiring high sensitivity and large detection coverage. It implements Visonic's Super-Red Lens Library of 45 easy-to-change lenses, enabling fast and cost-effective installations.

  • 45 easy-to-change lenses:
  • 9 wide-angle lenses with up to 140 angle
  • 3 long-range corridor lenses with range up to 35m (120ft)
  • 6 pet alley lenses
  • 3 finger curtain lenses
  • 8 special lenses with upward-looking zones for ceilings, stairs, and rooms
  • 10 unique combination lenses covering 2-3 rooms or long corridors
  • 6 solid curtain lenses
  • Sensitivity and range adjusted for optimum detection
  • Form 1C relay output with activation time adjustment from 1 second to 20 minutes
  • Special 3-minute inhibit timer prevents damage to stand-alone air-conditioners
  • 30° vertical and horizontal adjustment
  • Surface, corner, flush or swivel bracket mounting, with installation height up to 5m (0-17ft)
  • 12 VDC power supply
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