PowerMaster-33 EXP G2
PowerMaster-33 Distributed Hybrid Security Alarm

PowerMaster-33 EXP is a distributed wireless and wired security, safety, and control system. It is suitable for SME / light-commercial usage and for residential customers who want a concealed alarm system. It provides outstanding wireless functionality with all peripherals. The PowerMaster-33 EXP panel is installed and operated by the KP-250 wireless two-way keypad.

  • Two-way communication eliminates lost alarms and unnecessary re-transmissions
  • 64 zones, wireless or wired
  • 48 user codes
  • Supports partitions
  • Up to 48-hour battery
  • Up to 10 KP-250 PG2 keypads, 32 keyfobs or 32 KP-140/141/160 PG2 keypads
  • Optional 3G, GSM/GPRS and IP modules
  • Optional ioXpander-8 internal expander module that supports 8 configurable wired input/outputs ports, wired siren and wired voice box
  • Supports up to 4 ioXpander-12x4 external expander modules for a total of 56 wired zones
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