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Expanding the Boundaries of Security
Explore PowerMaster Family with PowerG Technology
PowerMaster Family - with PowerG Technology

Leading-edge wireless security solutions driven by PowerG technology

Indoor & outdoor sirens for residential & light commercial; Repeaters for large sites.

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Advanced detectors for a wide range of threats, to improve people’s wellbeing & prevent damage to premises & contents.

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Comprehensive range of indoor and outdoor motion detectors, door/window contacts, glass break detectors.

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Wide choice of keypads, keyfobs & tags offer users maximum convenience in arming/disarming & other functions.

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Complete systems for residential & light commercial premises, meeting the needs of home/business owners & installers.

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Connect with Communication Solutions
CMS, Mobile App & Comm. Solutions

Advanced solutions that leverage cellular and IP networks for advanced security applications

See Our Wired Detectors
Wired Detectors

Broad range of wired detection solutions for almost any site

The most advanced range of wired detectors for commercial, industrial and residential sites; indoor and outdoor.

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Learn More About Our ZigBee Detectors
ZigBee Detectors

Advanced ZigBee Intrusion Detectors with loT Capabilities

Advanced intrusion detection and safety devices.  

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