GSD-441 PG2
PowerG, Wireless Natural Gas (Methane) Detector

GSD-441 PG2 wireless natural gas detector provides rapid warnings about leaks of natural gas (Methane CH4) commonly used for cooking, home heating and water heating. GSD-441 PG2 transmits all alerts to the PowerMaster intrusion alarm system which sounds the alarm and forwards the alert message to a central station or private phone number.

  • Detects Methane CH4 gas used for cooking and heating
  • Provides visual and audible alerts when gas is detected
  • Self-test button for sensor, receiver, LED and buzzer checks
  • Loud internal buzzer (85db)
  • Dimensions: 155 x 80 x 58mm (6.12 x 3.16 x 2.31in)
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