PowerMaster Family - with PowerG Technology

Leading-edge wireless security solutions driven by PowerG technology

The PowerMaster family is Visonic's cuttingedge line of professional wireless intrusion alarm systems for residential, small business and light commercial premises. It includes multiple wireless control panels targeting different applications and an extensive array of wireless peripherals, providing an unmatched combination of reliability, performance and advanced feature set.

All PowerMaster systems and peripherals are based on PowerG wireless technology, the most advanced wireless security technology available today. PowerG technology delivers unmatched detection accuracy, long-lasting reliability, system robustness and ease of use. Since its introduction in 2011, PowerG has proven itself in hundreds of thousands of security systems and devices installed in homes and small businesses around the world.

Control Panels
PowerMaster-10 Triple G2
PowerMaster-10 Triple Compact Wireless Security Alarm
PowerMaster-33 EXP G2
PowerMaster-33 Distributed Hybrid Security Alarm
PowerMaster-30 G2
Professional, Wireless Security Alarm
PowerSeries Neo Control Panel
PowerSeries Neo Control Panel
PowerSeries Neo Control Panel
Modern Wireless Alarm and Home Automation Gateway
Keypads, Arming Devices and Panic Buttons
Pro Tags
Proximity Tags
KP-250 PG2
Wireless Two-way Keypad
KP-160 PG2
Wireless Two-way Keypad and Proximity
KP-140/141 PG2
Wireless Portable Keypad
KF-235 PG2
PowerG, Wireless Stylish Keyfob
KF-234 PG2
PowerG, Wireless Keyfob
PB-101 PG2
PowerG, Wireless, 1-Button Panic Button
PB-102 PG2
PowerG, Wireless, 2-Buttons Panic Button
Multi-Color Proximity Tags
PowerSeries Neo Full Message LCD Hardwired Keypad
PowerSeries Neo Wireless LCD PowerG 2-Way Keypad with Prox Support & Voice Prompting
PowerSeries NEO LCD Hardwired Keypad With PowerG Transceiver & Prox Support
Intrusion Detectors
GB-502 PG2
PowerG, Wireless Glass-break Detector
Next CAM PG2, NEXT CAM K9-85 PG2
PowerG, Wireless, PIR Motion/Pet-immune detector with Integrated Camera
Next PG2, NEXT K9-85 PG2
PowerG, Wireless, PIR Motion/Pet immune PIR Motion Detector
Mirror Dual Technology Detector with Anti-masking
PowerG, Wireless, PIR Motion, Mirror Detector with Anti-mask
Clip PG2
PowerG, Wireless, PIR Curtain Motion Detector
SD-304 PG2
PowerG, Wireless Shock and Contact Detector with Wired Input
MC-302V PG2
PowerG, Wireless, Vanishing Door/Window Contact
MC-302 PG2
PowerG, Wireless, Door/Window Contact
MC-302E PG2
PowerG, Wireless, Door/Window Contact with Wired Input
Intrusion Detectors - Outdoor
PowerG, Wireless, Outdoor Mirror PIR Motion detector with Integrated Camera
PowerG, Wireless, Outdoor PIR Motion, Mirror Detector with Anti-mask
Safety Detectors
SMD-426 PG2
PowerG, Wireless, Smoke Detector
SMD-427 PG2
PowerG, Wireless, Smoke & Heat Detector
GSD-441 PG2
PowerG, Wireless Natural Gas (Methane) Detector
GSD-442 PG2
PowerG, Wireless Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector
FLD-550 PG2
PowerG, Wireless Flood Detector
TMD-560 PG2
PowerG, Wireless Temperature Detector
Sirens & Repeaters
SR-720B PG2
PowerG, Wireless Indoor Siren
SR-740 PG2
PowerG, Wireless Outdoor Siren
SR-740 HEX PG2
PowerG, Wireless Outdoor Hexagon Siren
RP-600 PG2
PowerG, Wireless Repeater
Bracket BR-1
Wall Mount Bracket for PIR Detectors
Bracket BR-2
Corner Mount Bracket for PIR Detectors
Bracket BR-3
Ceiling Mount Bracket for PIR Detectors