PowerManage Platform

Visonic’s PowerManage is a unique service management platform that enables central monitoring stations to efficiently monitor, manage and control Visonic security systems. An all-in-one receiver, technical management center, and interactive service platform, PowerManage runs on standard professional server hardware and proven web technologies.

  • Can be installed on a local server or cloud environment
  • Two hardware-configurations are available:
  • PowerManage High-End (HP) handles up to 100,000 alarm systems and 20,000 concurrent interactive sessions
  • PowerManage Lite (DELL) handles up to 10,000 alarm systems and 1,000 concurrent
  • Easy-to-use web interface with accounts for administrators, technical staff, shift administrators, and IT managers
  • Secured communication over the network, using HTTPS protocol
  • Flexible grouping of control panels allows for easy management and configuration
  • Video verification of alarms allows monitoring stations to identify false alarms
  • Technical-support system facilitates control and tuning of intrusion equipment
  • Cluster redundancy deployment configuration – The servers back each other up and can be located in geographically distant locations
  • Web based solution: no need for software installation on operators’ client PCs
  • Enables programming of the PowerMax and PowerMaster panels over IP/GPRS
  • Supports all Visonic IP communicators – GPRS and Broadband (PowerLink)
  • Allows PowerLink end-users to connect to their security system without the need for a fixed IP address
  • Supports PowerLink3 as an IP communicator
  • Allows software personalization through addition of a logo
  • Allows automatic Remote Routine Inspection (RRI) of the remote alarm system
  • Provides enhanced reporting system for alarms, device status and test results
  • Allows Remote Software Upgrade (RSU) for Visonic panels
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